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Ridgely Insulation Company: Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Approximately 44 per cent of your energy bill constitutes of power units consumed by cooling or heating systems, according to US Department of Energy. This problem is a direct consequence of considerable heat loss in winter season and heat gain during summer. Insulation is the best solution against energy inefficiency in homes. A growing number of homeowners now put a lot of thought into energy conservation when building new homes. Most older properties either lack insulation or have inadequate insulation. Insulation can bring big savings on utility bills. A professional Ridgely Insulation Company can show you how. By maximizing the insulation performance of new or existing homes a Ridgely Insulation Company can provide the full benefits the come with an energy efficiency structure.

Ridgely Insulation Company: Understand the Impact of Heat Loss on Your Energy Bill

Air moves naturally from warm to cool places. In winter, air tends to flow from heated spots to areas of lower temperature like basements or attics and making its way outside your home. In summer, air moves from warm outdoor spaces to cooled spaces in your home. Your house has lots of openings and areas from which heat can enter or exit. Some of them are chimneys, crawlspaces, attics, walls, and floors. An experienced Ridgely Insulation Company can help you to stay warm in the winter and beat the heat in the summer.

Most people are blissfully unaware of the fact that huge fluctuations in heat have an impact on the energy bill as well as the comfort of their home. Your heating appliances will replace the heat lost during the winter months. During summer, the air conditioning systems has to put extra effort to handle the additional heat. Heat loss or gain can be uncomfortable of varying degrees but most importantly it creates condensation. When this happens, mold and mildew tend to grow on your interior walls. Trying to fix this problem can be an expensive venture. A reliable Ridgely Insulation Company has the necessary knowledge, training and tools to help you insulate your home and avoid unwanted problems.

Rewards from Having a Ridgely Insulation Company Insulate Your Home Properly By insulating your home you prevent the escape of air from inside your home. A Ridgely Insulation Company can help homeowners save as much as 50% to 70% on utility bills by having their home properly insulated. How will homes earn this much savings? With more conditioned air retained inside the spaces of your home, demand on your heating and air conditioning units becomes less. The use of insulation also stabilizes the indoor temperatures. It maintains your home’s comfort level by making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

And by preventing condensation, the growth of mold and mildew is also discouraged. When you decide to sell your house, you’ll be thankful for the insulation as insulated homes have higher market values than non-insulated ones. Insulation is also good from an environmental perspective. Heating and cooling systems mean consumption of non-renewable energy resources which give out greenhouse emissions. Insulation can greatly reduce this problem. Contact an experienced Insulation Company to find out how you can make your home energy efficient and environmentally-friendly.

A Ridgely Insulation Company Provides Various Types of Insulation

There is a variety of insulation materials, each having its own different use. Blankets or batt rolls made of fiberglass are sold in large blankets. These are pre-cut in sizes suited for an average attic, ceiling or wall joist. Yet, there are some areas in your house where the use of batts is not feasible. For instance, blown-fiber insulation is the most recommended material for covering the areas between joists. Some enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers might insist on installing the insulation themselves. But it’s important to remember that inefficient installation won’t help in managing the energy bill. Won’t you be more comfortable if the job is done correctly? A skilled Ridgely Insulation Company will save you from the ineffective results of an unprofessional do-it-yourself job.

There is a need for proper installation as the world is now placing more importance on the necessity of energy conservation. A Ridgely Insulation Company offers many types of highly effective insulation materials, all to help optimize insulation performance of your home. Insulation also comes in a loose-fill made of fiberglass or cellulose and can be used to fill wall cavities. Foam insulation involves mixing and spraying of material into the area to be filled. For ceilings, the best material is vermiculite, made from perlite and mica ore. Rigid foam board insulations are also used for insulation. These work well for use in interior walls, roofs and foundations.

Insulation Company: Introduction to R-values

R-value is a term used to classify the insulating ability of the available types of insulation. As the R-value increases with the insulation’s efficiency. Each home requires a different set of numbers for minimum level of R-values. Homes in cold climates require higher R-values than the ones in milder climate. Ceilings found under ventilated attics require higher R-values than walls. A knowledgeable Ridgely Insulation Company takes all these elements into consideration when determining the amount of insulation that is needed for your home.

A Ridgely Insulation Company Can Assist in New and Old Homes

Whether you look forward to building an insulating envelope in your new or existing home, a Ridgely Insulation Company knows exactly what your home needs. They plan out the details based on your budget, preferences and specific residential structure requirements. However, insulating old homes tend to be more expensive than new homes. This is because the job is made easier during the construction due to the accessibility of readily available spaces. Insulating older homes is a more complicated process. An older house may require inspection from an electrician to see if the wiring system is up to standards. Regardless of challenges at hand, an experienced Ridgely Insulation Company can get the job done properly and quickly.

With energy rates constantly rising, there’s no more opportune time to have your home insulated by a skilled Ridgely insulation company than now. If you’re worried about the expense you need to consider the impact adequate insulation will have on your home, your savings and the environment. You can apply for a home equity loan to cover the cost if you lack the budget. You won’t have to worry too much about paying off your loan; your savings from your monthly energy bills will help you with this. The US Department of Energy will provide assistance to qualifying families with low income. All you need to do to reduce energy bills, get a more comfortable home plus do your bit for environment, is to just pick up your phone and make a call. Let a professional Ridgely Insulation Company help you enjoy the benefits of a well-insulated home.

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